A wide range of expertise... what is yours ?

Application Management

Quick and efficient IT applications in order to accompany and support digital transformations: our experts are involved throughout the life cycle of our customers' applications (defining the need, the design, the development, the maintenance, updating and versioning).


Business Process Services

Increase efficiency and profitability: Optimize operations, streamline costs and introduce a greater flexibility in the management of certain functions. Our business processing experts work on the entire cycle, from consulting to implementation.


Design & Architecture

Hightekers is also equally able to assist you with design engineering in several areas: Graphic, product, industry, environment, packaging (2D, 3D, 4D).



In line with our customers needs, their projects and the personal development of their consultants, our experts will train their employees in the field of IT and engineering


IT System Integration

Our experts are here to assist our clients and help them address the most complex challenges when it comes to performance and digital transformation: Consulting, design and system integration / performance and transformation.

Infrastructure Management

Hightekers consultants bring their expertise to help businesses adapt their infrastructure to be in line with their business requirements. They also help them transform that infrastructure.



Consulting & Project Management 

Anticipation and support are the key factors that will guarantee the success of a business transformation project : We assist you during the audit phases, the management changes, the management of the project portfolio, the risk management, etc.


Mechanical Engineering

Our consultants - experts in mechanical concepts, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials and energy sciences, intervene on issues related to materials & methods, systems management, development, design, simulation & testing.



Process Engineering & Supply Chain

Improve asset management by reducing costs: Our consultants can assist you with program management, technical design, procurement, assembly, testing, storage, maintenance and training. 


Embedded Systems Engineering

From automotive to home automation via connected devices, embedded systems are increasingly present in our daily lives: our experts support our customers in the design, prototyping, testing and software maintenance of embedded systems.