Become an independent IT consultant in 5 steps


You have decided to take the plunge and work for yourself. Before going further, it is essential to give your new project strong foundations. Below you will find 5 easy steps to guide you:

1. Project clarity

You first need to make sure that you have a concrete project in place. The freelancing community is ever expanding and it is therefore crucial that your proposal stands out. To achieve this, what is the answer to the following questions?

  • What is your expertise?

  • What will your fees be?

  • How do you wish to work - contract work or flat rate?

  • When are you available to start work?

Once you are able to answer those questions, you can move to the next stage.

2. Share your project within your network

This is when you need to use your network. It is your main resource to help you find your first contract. Don’t hesitate to mention your new project to friends, former colleagues etc.

You need to develop your network. Various tools are at your disposal, such as Linkedin, to enable you to spread the word but also to reach a bigger audience. To work for yourself is daring but be bold! Take initiatives, talk to people you don’t know: Explore!

3. Use specialised platforms

Depending on your expertise, you can register on several platforms such as, XXE,, Crème de la Crème, MALT, etc. to help you find new contracts. Make sure to introduce yourself perfectly - an attractive profile detailing clearly your expertise and experience is essential.

4. Choose your status / umbrella company

You have various options : Start your one-man business or use the services of an umbrella company.

The umbrella company will help you manage the administrative side of things and through its own network, enable you to contact new clients. The number of umbrella companies is ever increasing, it is therefore important to choose the right one for you. Put the emphasis on direct contacts and go and see personally.

Don’t become just a number among many others : make sure you have a personalised support to guide you.

The management fees are not the main element to consider when making your choice: Make sure you maximise your income from your invoices.

You can contact us directly if you wish to receive a comparison between various status and their advantages. Simply click here.

5. Choose your contract

Not easy to know in advance if you have found the right client and mainly the right contrat. Our advice: choose a long term contract - one that will enable you to find you feet as an independent contractor while strengthening your skills. It will also be a perfect reference for future work.

Don’t wait any longer, just go for it!


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