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Global Employment Solutions:
The Future of Work is Here

Hightekers delivers comprehensive workforce and employment
management solutions for businesses and individuals in over 100 countries.
Our Employer of Record (EOR) services enable businesses to efficiently manage
highly skilled workers, flexible workforces, and freelancers. Additionally, we offer
tailored solutions for expats and professionals without a company.

What We Do

Hightekers offers a suite of innovative solutions designed to meet the specific workforce and employment management needs of businesses, individuals, and recruiters.

For Companies

Simplify global hiring, manage your international workforce, and ensure compliance – all under one roof. Hightekers’ EOR services and freelancer management solutions free you to focus on your core business.

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For Staffing Agencies

Set up top talent globally without geographical limitations. Hightekers handles everything from contracts to compliance, so you can focus on closing more deals and boost your clients satisfaction

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For Individuals

Freelancer or professional, invoice without a company. We simplify employment, handle permits and visas, and ensure compliance. Enjoy the freedom of freelancing with the security of a permanent contract, all while pursuing your career goals.

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We support businesses and individuals in 150 countries from our main offices:

United Kingdom

United Arab Emirates




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The Netherlands








United States

Our Services

Why Choose Hightekers

Innovation within our service

We leverage advanced technologies and develop innovative solutions to simplify global workforce management.

Strong partnerships, seamless experience

Collaborations with key players and a focus on premium services ensure a smooth experience for businesses and individuals.

Employee satisfaction is our priority

Our commitment to employee satisfaction is reflected in our high Net Promoter Score (NPS) and successful case studies.

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