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A picturesque country with a reputation for excellent beers, chocolates and waffles, Belgium can present a vastly different experience depending on where you stay. With its capital hosting the seat of European government, the country is divided into a French section, a Dutch-Flemish section, and a small part in the middle that speaks German. 

Freelancing in Belgium and employment laws

Being part of the Hightekers network allows you to avoid all of the paperwork you would otherwise have to engage with to work in Belgium thanks to the local employment contract it will provide you with.

Without joining Hightekers, whilst the country is welcoming to anyone of working age becoming a freelancer, you would still need a valid visa to enter the country if you aren’t an EU citizen and also a residence permit. Freelancers are then required to register with the government and file taxes as one would expect, with the tax rate set between 25%-50% depending on earnings. 

For full time employment, the main requirement for foreign workers is to have a valid work permit, which again, is not an issue if you are already an EU citizen. 

Quality of life in Belgium

Belgium has a strong economy and a high standard of living with strong education and healthcare systems. The country also enjoys a reputation for having a low crime rate and is very liberal when it comes to personal freedoms and rights.

Infrastructure in Belgium

Belgium has excellent telecoms infrastructure, with a solid DSL network developed by a majority state-owned operator and cable infrastructure has been implemented across many individual regions and communities. Close to 100% of households have access to a decent level of internet access and both 4G and 5G coverage is widely available around the country.

Transport in Belgium

Getting around the country is easy thanks to a reliable public transport system that is considered affordable and efficient. It is helped along by a MoBIB card (Mobility in Belgium) which is a payment system used across all transport options making it easy to switch between modes of transport and individual operators.

Cost of living in Belgium

Like many other countries in Europe, Belgium has experienced a hike in the cost of living, in particular around Brussels, although it is still estimated to be around 40% cheaper to live here than London. Food tends to be slightly more expensive, but housing and transportation tend to be significantly more affordable.

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