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Employer of Record for Professionals

Embrace Global Careers: Hightekers’ Solution for International Employment

At Hightekers, we are experts in international mobility thanks to our presence in many European countries since 2016.

Work Easily and Legally Internationally!

What is the Employer of Record service?

Hightekers also offers an Employer of Record (EoR) service for professionals who are looking to get hired more easily abroad or work remotely for their company from a new country.

You can maximise your chances of being recruited from abroad while taking advantage of the special tax regimes available in Europe or elsewhere in the world (see our list of available countries). Our Payroll service ensures that you receive your monthly income in your new local currency.

Thanks to our international operations since 2016, Hightekers can support you throughout your expatriation project with a dedicated local expert who will take the necessary time to guide you towards the best opportunities available to you. This human and personalised approach is the strength of our Employer of Record service for professionals who want to work abroad without constraints.

How Hightekers Helps Professionals Work Internationally

Relocation experts 👓

Our team will personally assist you with your relocation and simplify all the formalities.

A 100% compliant local contract 🏆

You will benefit from a local contract to live like the locals and enjoy the same benefits.

Simplified and guaranteed payroll ⚙️

Our payroll service ensures that you receive a local payslip every month.

Get Hired more Easily in Over 12 Countries:









Pays-Bas Présentation









2 Examples of EOR for Professionals

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