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360 management – freelancing freedom with employment support

Enjoy the freedom of freelancing whilst still having the security and support of employment.

Freelancing vs employment: have both

All of the benefits of independence with significantly fewer downsides. Our 360 management means you can still have the security and support that you would have by being an employee.

Put your ambitions ahead of the admin

Our platform accelerates positive change in the way you work. Open up a world of opportunities to achieve more without generating more paperwork.

What Hightekers handles for you

Tax information and admin

We can act as an alternative to an umbrella company, handling all your tax admin for you.

Remote working visas and permits

Let us navigate local and foreign legislation for you so you don’t have to become an expert in international employment law.

Contract negotiation for projects

Spend less time at the beginning of a project getting commercial terms sorted out and leave this to us.

Chasing payments for completed work

Spend less time at the end of a project trying to resolve the commercial terms and let us chase this up for you.

Freelancers with the benefits of being employees

Hightekers gives you the safety net of a large organization and can be your own personal HR department to handle all of the admin that takes you away from the work that you’d rather be doing.

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