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Excellent food and stunning wild beauty throughout the country. Built on a proud and rich history, Spain is characterised as a passionate and sophisticated jewel of Europe.

Working remotely from Spain and the Beckham Law

Spain is part of the EU and so all EU legislation applies to this. This works in your favour if you are also working for an organisation in another EU member state, but even if you’re not, there are some well understood pieces of legislation that we can help you navigate.

Spain also has the Beckham Law, which allows foreigners on a full-time Spanish working contract to pay a flat tax rate of 24%. This is not something that you can normally have as a freelancer, but Hightekers allows you to be authorised for this benefit which can last five years.

Quality of life in Spain

The quality of living in Spain varies and depends largely on the experience you are looking for.

Larger cities like Madrid generally have a lower quality of living, but are undeniably bustling and exciting environments which can provide a dynamic backdrop to your remote working experience when you’re not at your desk.

Not all large cities are the same however, and Barcelona has a reputation for being much stronger in terms of quality of life, particularly for those working in the tech sector.

Vigo in Galicia is considered to be excellent in terms of leisure, sports and cultural sites and is a brilliant city for families with children. Across Spain, you can find the right environment for you, regardless of your current situation.

Infrastructure in Spain

Spain is moving towards getting 5G coverage for mobile internet access and currently has decent coverage across the country with more than 90% availability of 3G/4G networks and an average speed of 16MB/s over mobile networks.

OpenSignal ranks it as the 22nd in the world for mobile coverage, although as with anywhere, individual regions will have their own quirks when it comes to connection quality and stability.

Transport in Spain

Spain’s railways are reported to be exceptional and might be some of the best in Europe. Unfortunately, where their trains excel, their roads have generally struggled to keep up with modern traffic levels.

Cost of living in Spain

Whilst Spain has been hit by a cost of living increase along with most other European countries, the cost of living is moderate compared to some locations. Compared with the cost of living in the UK, Spain is generally between 20% and 25% less expensive across the board.

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