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Beautiful remote and unspoiled countryside filled with lakes, rivers, hills and woods dotted with picturesque cities to explore, with Warsaw providing a vibrant and energetic experience. Poland offers a European lifestyle without the large price tag.

Freelancing and employment laws in Poland

Poland has a growing freelance population, especially among IT professionals. Joining the Hightekers network allows you to bypass a lot of regulation and bureaucracy here as you will be issued a full-time employment contract from Hightekers and won’t have to register as a freelancer. Without this support, you would be required to have a PESEL number, which is a national identification number that all Polish citizens have and that foreigners need to acquire before doing essentially anything in the country like opening a bank account or registering with a doctor and of course preparing your tax documentation.

You would also need a REGON number to identify your business (even if you are a freelancer) and to register with the Central Register for Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG).

There are also several different types of freelance contracts with a recently developed B2B contract which makes it easy for freelancers to work in countries where there is a higher average salary than in Poland. As part of the Hightekers network, you would not need to engage with any of this, however.

Quality of life in Poland

Poland offers a great work-life balance, so you will have time to choose from a diverse range of activities to wind down after work.

Discover a taste of traditional food in many restaurants, cafes and pubs. If you are in search of other cuisine, be sure you can find it here as well. Cities have a portfolio of places rich in history, museums, parks and offer a range of entertainment activities.

If you want to feel more adventurous, Poland has stunning landscapes to see. Up north you can enjoy a sea coastline with sandy beaches. The lake district gives you the opportunity to spend time boating, fishing or swimming. South offers breath-taking views of mountain chains, which you can explore hiking with all levels of difficulty. In winter you can have fun skiing or snowboarding in one of the resorts.

Poland and its over-thousand years of history has 500 castles full of legends, 2000 palaces to be discovered, natural SPA resorts where you can relax, pristine National Parks and majestic forests, where you can unite with nature. With such a variety there is no doubt you will be spoiled with options to spend your free time.

Infrastructure in Poland

Poland has excellent internet infrastructure with a 93% penetration rate to all households, and mobile internet coverage pushing towards greater 5G coverage. The average internet speed in Poland has recently crossed 100Mbps, which is worth highlighting. In cities, fibre connection speeds can reach up to 1Gbps, which is available for only 65 Polish Zlotych. The country is also working towards achieving 100% coverage of the fibre-to-the-home network, which will further enhance internet connectivity across Poland. Poland recently announced plans to build cloud datacenters which will bring new opportunities and boost the digital economy. With its impressive internet infrastructure, Poland is an ideal location for remote work, especially as an IT consultant.


Transport in Poland

Poland has a well-developed public transport system that extends throughout the country, with buses providing access to practically all destinations. Railways also run between all the major cities, as well as other European capitals. The country’s road infrastructure is also in good shape, with newly built motorways connecting major cities and regions. Poland has also planned expansions in the upcoming years that will make travelling by car even better.

Poland has 12 international airports connecting regions with the rest of the world. There are also plans of building Solidarity Transportation Hub which will serve 40 million passengers a year and ultimately 100 million per year in future. The STH will be connected by a network of planned new roads and railways. Train from Warsaw Central station will take you there in 15 minutes.

Cost of living in Poland

Accommodation and housing in Poland is generally affordable and spacious, with many flats and houses being of high standard. Eating out and bar prices are relatively low as are the costs of goods in general. Public transport in Poland is very affordable, making it a convenient option for getting around, and the country’s petrol prices are among the cheapest  in Europe. Living costs in Poland are generally very reasonable and can be a significant advantage for those who choose to work remotely in the country.

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