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With a rich heritage that comes as a result of being a key player in European history, France is renowned the world over for its sophisticated culture, its sense of style and the quality of its wine and food.

Working remotely from France and freelancing laws

Joining Hightekers allows you to avoid having to deal with local business laws and compliance in France. As we have an office in France, you will have a full time contract from the country already.  This means you will not need to set up your own legal entity.

If you are on your own however, then in order to work in France, a freelancer needs to acquire a SIRET number, which is a unique ID assigned to businesses. They are also required to make contributions towards health and retirement benefits and file their taxes on a regular basis. The tax process is however simplified here as freelancers are considered ‘micro-entrepreneurs’ which means they don’t need to fill in quite as much paperwork.

Quality of life in France

France has a high standard of living with a strong public healthcare system. People tend to enjoy a better than average work-life balance with around 65% of people aged 15-64 being employed. It also enjoys a reputation for having a relaxed lifestyle.

Infrastructure in France

France’s internet infrastructure is generally extensive, although high speed internet is slightly behind the European average, with approximately 60% of French households being able to access 30Mbs internet (with the European average being 80%). The country does have a well-developed telecoms network with mobile coverage widely available throughout the country and is some of the best coverage in Europe. 5G is currently being rolled out with a target completion date of 2030.

Transport in France

France has well maintained roads and reliable high-speed rail services to help you get around the country. The rail and bus networks are well connected with inner-city metro systems generally considered to be efficient and reliable, although these often suffer from overcrowding.

Cost of living in France

The cost of living in France is comparatively high when put alongside the rest of Europe, although is still on average around 25% less expensive than the UK. The highest prices are found in the major cities and are mostly driven by housing costs (both in terms of buying and renting property) and a recent rise in food prices as well as relatively high taxes throughout. However, offsetting this is the relatively high minimum wage and developed welfare system that mitigates costs around things like healthcare.

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