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Starting and managing your business

Start up or manage a consultancy or freelance business with ease. Hightekers’ premium services break down everything that could get in your way. Enjoy all the good parts of freelancing with none of the drawbacks.

More freedom

You have the freedom to take on the work that you want to do with less pressure to constantly be thinking about where the next project is coming from.

More income

Our process means you get a larger chunk of income paid to you on every job, whilst also getting all of your tax paperwork and contract negotiation for your desired day rate handled for you.

More flexibility

Set your own schedule to work when you want to work without having to work all the time just to cover your costs.

Ready-made professional network

Immediate access to a professional network that can help you find and be found for more work, as well as one that’s available for a second opinion on what you’re working towards.

HR handled for you

All HR related paperwork and contract negotiation is handled for you so you can spend more time focusing on your specialty.

The best of both worlds

Retain your independence as a freelancer whilst enjoying more of the benefits of an employee.

Independence doesn’t mean you have to stand alone

Helping freelancers get to work is what we do. We fully understand the steps you need to take to start a consultancy business or make the jump to freelance and we can help you eliminate the downsides of independence through our platform and offer you the help and support you need.

Get started

If you want to join the Hightekers network or simply have questions about Hightekers, get in touch today. You can also request a personalized simulation by clicking here.

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