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The Key to Retaining Top International IT Talent: A Comprehensive Solution for Recruiters

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Friday, June 10, 2022
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The demand for IT talent is at an all-time high, with companies looking to keep up with the rapidly changing technological landscape. This presents both opportunities and challenges for IT recruiters, who are tasked with finding the best talent to meet the needs of their clients. One of the biggest challenges they face is retaining top talent, particularly in an increasingly global market. Independent contractors, in particular, are in high demand and have high salary expectations, with no problem changing clients or recruitment agencies if they are not satisfied with their work relationship or if they receive a better offer from a competitor. IT recruiters also face difficulties in complying with local regulations and providing their independent contractors with the benefits they need to become loyal collaborators. This is where a comprehensive solution for recruiters becomes essential in order to retain top international IT talent and meet the demands of the market.

The Top Challenges faced by IT Recruiters

One of the biggest challenges that IT recruiters face is hiring talent independently from location. Globalisation has had an effect on businesses and individuals worldwide, with businesses working with clients and employees located in different parts of the world. IT recruiters need to be able to source talent from anywhere in the world, while also ensuring that they comply with the local regulations of the country they want to work from.

Another major challenge that IT recruiters face is the time-consuming nature of administration tasks. Recruiters are already busy finding and hiring top talent, and they don’t want to waste precious time on paperwork and other administrative tasks. However, these tasks are necessary to ensure that everything is in compliance with local regulations.

IT recruiters also are also confronted with the high costs associated with meeting the salary expectations of top talent. IT professionals are in high demand, and as such have high salary expectations. They are not afraid to change clients or recruitment agencies if they are not satisfied with their current work relationship, or if they receive a better offer from a competitor. IT recruiters need to find a way to pay their IT consultants what they expect, while still maintaining their margins and remaining competitive.

Finally, IT recruiters must provide significant benefits to retain top talent. IT professionals are freelancers, and they value their freedom. IT recruiters need to find a way to provide them with benefits like health insurance, paid holidays, and day care, while still retaining their freelance status. This can be a delicate balancing act, and varies widely based on company and location, but it is necessary to keep in mind that benefits can play a big role in attracting and retaining top talent in this highly competitive industry.

The Unique Solution offered by Hightekers

All the challenges mentioned previously are a struggle individually, and when added together, they can make IT recruiters’ jobs a real slog. To overcome these obstacles, Hightekers provides a unique solution for recruiters seeking to retain top international IT talent.

Hiring talents from any location

With a presence in over 10 countries, Hightekers provides independent consultants with local work contracts, visas, and work permits so they can remain compliant regardless of their location. This allows recruiters to source top IT talent from across the globe, without any administrative hassle.

Partnering with Hightekers opens up unlimited opportunities for recruiters to source global talent for projects across Europe, with the flexibility to select the best candidates without worrying about their location. By leveraging Hightekers’ expertise and resources, recruiters can confidently source top IT professionals from a global pool of talent. Hightekers provides the necessary compliance support, making it easier for recruiters to bring new talent into the network and find the right candidate for the job, regardless of their location. 

As for the freelance consultants, this also gives them increased opportunities as they can access a wider range of projects and job opportunities through Hightekers. This means they can work on exciting projects for clients across Europe, without worrying about location. This also provides them increased flexibility to work from anywhere, which can be a huge advantage for those who value work-life balance. With the ability to work remotely, consultants can choose the projects they want to work on and manage their workload accordingly.

Reduced administration time

Partnering with Hightekers offers a significant advantage for IT recruiters in terms of reducing administration time. Hightekers manages all of the contracting, work permits, payroll, and day-to-day consultant management, leaving recruiters free from the time-consuming and often complex administrative tasks associated with hiring freelance IT consultants. This means that recruiters can concentrate on identifying and attracting the best talent for their clients’ projects, rather than wasting time on administrative tasks that can often be time-consuming and distracting.

 Offering Top International IT Talent a competitive salary

Hightekers offers top international IT talent a competitive salary through their unique model and international expertise. This enables consultants to earn a salary that meets their expectations, while also providing them with opportunities to diversify their sources of income through the incentivized referral program. This model not only improves the take-home pay of freelancers but also the margins of recruiters, thereby providing a competitive edge in the market.

Retaining talents with benefits

Hightekers values its consultants and wants to retain top talent by offering a comprehensive benefits package. This package can include private health insurance, paid holidays, day care, and even car leasing, depending on their work country. These benefits help to enhance the overall satisfaction and loyalty of consultants. Additionally, Hightekers provides dedicated consultant support coordinators to help consultants grow their business. By offering both a competitive salary and a good benefits package, Hightekers ensures that recruiters have the key to retaining top international IT talent.



So, IT recruiters face numerous challenges in their efforts to attract and retain top international IT talent. The demands for IT professionals are high, and the cost and administration of sourcing, hiring and maintaining these skilled individuals can be daunting. This is where Hightekers offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges.


With its innovative approach to assisting talent sourcers, Hightekers empowers recruiters to access and hire top IT professionals from any location, ensuring they can find the best talent for their needs. Ultimately, finding a solution to the IT recruitment problem is crucial for both recruiters and the IT industry as a whole. Hightekers is leading the way with its comprehensive approach and unique solution to meet the needs of the IT recruitment market.

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