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Frequently Asked Questions


    • Hightekers is an alternative to an umbrella company. 
    • Members of our network are treated as having a full time contract and get all of their admin handled for them by us whilst retaining their freelancing independence. 
    • Recruiters can rely on Hightekers to find freelancers and consultants that can handle their needs and Hightekers then handles the between company and consultant, freeing up the recruiters’ time. 
    • You remain as a freelancer and can pick your own clients and the work you take on, but you also get the support that comes from being an employee too. You will have a permanent contract one of the 10 countries that we are based in, which allows you to effortlessly satisfy international compliance regulation.
    • Hightekers will pick up all of your admin and tax paperwork for you.
    • We increase your profit margins by making it more cost effective for companies to hire you as a freelancer. As a result, you are more likely to get approval for the day rates you expect.
    • A dedicated consultant support coordinator will get tax documentation and admin paperwork completed, ensuring you are fully compliant wherever you are working. Hightekers also handles contract negotiation for jobs that you take up.
    • The Hightekers network is not a job portal and does not directly advertise new jobs for you to apply for, however other network members can recommend you for roles or send projects to you.
    • With Hightekers, you don’t need to worry about your status as a freelancer as you become a full time employee with a full time contract issued by us.
    • Outside of the Hightekers network, there are several different statuses available. The two main options would be to be a sole trader or a limited company. A sole trader has fewer responsibilities when it comes to filing taxes, whereas a limited company is a sensible option if you need to abstract your own personal liability. There are also options around partnerships that offer slightly different benefits too. The exact benefits and responsibilities of these different classifications of freelancer are highly dependent on the market that you are operating in.

Joining Hightekers

    • IT and engineering professionals working as consultants or independent contractors who want to get rid of admin hassle and be part of a large community of professionals of their field 
    • IT and engineering professionals who work in-house and want to take the step to become independent contractors, but want support to do so and do not want to set up their own company. 
    • You do need to already have clients of your own to join Hightekers, even if you’ve not started any work for them yet.
  • You do not need to have your own company to join Hightekers. One of the main benefits of joining our network is so that you don’t need to go through the hassle of setting up your own corporate entity.

    • Once you’ve filled in the initial sign up form on our site, a dedicated sales representative will walk through the next steps. 
    • The sign up process is simple and quick. You will then be introduced to a dedicated consultant support coordinator who will show you our platform and help you get started.
    • As part of the process, you will need to provide information on your clients, jobs that you’ve started or due to start, and a forecast of your revenue.
    • There is no registration fee to join up.
    • You will be charged a monthly fee which is currently a flat rate of the revenue you generate.
    • You will need to stop your engagement with other service providers before joining Hightekers. You are not able to be part of our network if you have another organisation handling similar affairs for you.
    • Yes you do. You cannot be with another service provider nor have another ongoing full-time contract to become part of the Hightekers network
    • Hightekers does not provide you with clients or jobs. This way you keep your freedom as a freelancer and get to choose exactly who you work with.  yourself. 
    • There is however an opportunity for work to be shared with you through our network via other consultants within our platform.

Getting paid

    • Yes – Hightekers will help you boost your margins through its range of services.  You can request a freelance income simulation to see how much you could increase your earnings by and our sales team can give you a full overview of how this works.
    • You will be paid at a fixed date every month allowing you to plan around this. You will also receive payslips to document this.
    • As you are contracted as a full time employee of Hightekers, you will continue to receive your salary monthly. If a client has not paid on time, then you don’t need to chase the invoices or payments as this will all be handled by your dedicated consultant support coordinator instead.

Your contract

    • Hightekers provides you with a full time employment contract from the location that you are working for via our office in that territory.
    • You will be counted as a full time employee whilst part of the Hightekers network for tax purposes as you will have a full time contract from us.
    • As you are a full time employee, this also gives you access to a range of benefits depending on where you are working. This can include insurance, healthcare cover, childcare support, transport costs and more but varies from country to country.
    • If you run out of work or want to leave Hightekers, we can simply end your employment contract. There are no penalties or fees for leaving us.

Our platform

    • Once you have a signed contract with Hightekers, you will be given your login credentials to access the Hightekers platform.
    • The Hightekers platform gives you access to a dashboard that tracks your revenue, payments and income.
    • You will also have access to our personal services, referral scheme, internal FAQs and chat functionality to discuss any questions directly with our team.
    • You can also share jobs and opportunities among other members of the Hightekers community within the platform.

Maintaining compliance

    • As you are given a local full time employment contract, you are immediately compliant with local compliance laws in the country that you are working for.
    • This opens up your borders as you can remain compliant all around the world without having to worry about any unexpected admin obligations or regulations that you might be ignorant of.
    • As you are considered as being a full time Hightekers employee, you will not have to worry about IR35 compliance as this will not apply to you.
    • Hightekers will safely keep your data with your authorisation. You will be able to end your contract with Hightekers and request that your data is removed from our systems at any time.


    • Hightekers offers you the opportunity to work with clients from almost any part of the world! We collaborate with nearly 200 countries and can issue invoices in most currencies.
    • What would otherwise be a lengthy admin exercise is completely avoided by being a member of our network. As you have a full time employment contract issued by Hightekers, this means you will immediately comply with local regulations if you relocate your business to another country that is covered by our network.

Employee benefits

    • We provide a set of benefits to members of our network. These benefits vary from country to country, but can include things like healthcare, support towards childcare, car leasing and transport costs.
    • The biggest champions of our network are our members, so we have a very competitive referral program for members to refer other professionals to join.
    • If the individual you refer is accepted onto our network, you can earn up tot 2% of your referral’s monthly revenue for up to two years.

Help and support

    • Once you’ve registered to join the network, a dedicated consultant success manager will reach out to you and guide you through how everything works and answer specific questions you have.
    • You will also gain access to our platform so you can track your performance, including revenue, income, payments, referrals and much more.
    • Instead of having to rely on chat bots, self service help systems and FAQ documentation, you will be assigned a dedicated consultant success manager who will be  available to you at all times and with whom you will have a direct line of contact.

Get started

If you want to join the Hightekers network or simply have questions about Hightekers, get in touch today. You can also request a personalised simulation by clicking here.

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