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Remote working abroad

Work where is most convenient for you, not for your paperwork. We handle the complexity of remote working abroad for you.

Specialist knowledge for remote workers around the world

We can help get you set up to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Below are some of our most requested destinations.

Get your work visa

Remote work visas for countries all around the world arranged by Hightekers. We’ll get your paperwork in order so you can get your work in order.

Stay on top of local compliance issues

Don’t get caught out on the wrong side of local laws and loopholes. Hightekers will stop you from accidentally breaking any laws and keep your work free from complications.

No limits to your ambitions

You are free to work wherever you want. Hightekers makes that easier for you to achieve and gives you even more freedom.

Travel for pleasure and business

Try working from somewhere new or become a full digital nomad.

Global freedom

We can support you wherever you want to go, no matter how complicated it might seem.

Local knowledge

Tap into the network’s knowledge on how it is to work in different countries, both  professionally and or personally.

Get started

If you want to join the Hightekers network or simply have questions about Hightekers, get in touch today. You can also request a personalized simulation by clicking here.

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